Just A Shout Out..

About 6 months ago, my best friend ( perhaps more than a best friend :P ), my male counterpart.. left me. Technically I left him, to study in London but for the sake of our little story today. He left me.

Now before you think this story sounds like a random, sad and trivial sob story, bear this in mind, he left ME behind.

How am I possibly going to survive in London for the next three years without my strange other half.

ImageNicholas and I met on the second day of an Asian Universities Debate Championship.

Fate has made it such that our teams had to debate against each other.

After what felt like an hour of feisty bickering over female oppression and the hijab, it was only natural for me to feel slightly annoyed over his arrogant comebacks and close-minded opinions although my team did win ;) In his defence, I was a tad bit attracted after that over his eloquence and well-spoken command of the English language ( yes, I’m instantly drawn to people who speak good English :P )

Being the rare few participants from high school in a massive sea of university students, we instantly clicked after the residue of annoyance I held against him subsided of course. We talked for hours over topics so trivial I can’t even remember ( Definitely my favourite type of conversations, the ones that doesn’t require any brain processing )

Soon the championship came to an end. The obligatory e-mail address exchange was suggested, and we dutifully stalked each others Facebook ( well I did, not sure about him), asking questions and extending our friendship further.

He comes up with many strange theories ( things I remember about him back then, Confucianismism ) and many other spectacular foot-in-mouth comments he would continue to amuse me with throughout this friendship.


This was the first shot ever taken of us. Please forgive this grainy old picture, it was taken four years ago mind you. You could say we were still kids :P

Needless to say, even after four years, I can’t think of any activity we can’t accomplish together apart from the few obvious ones.

The usual.. studying, shopping, partying, watching movies, cooking, working out, travelling.

The slightly less usual…  eating insects at the street, pretending to be husband & wife to nab additional hotel perks…..

The list of our strange behaviour is endless so I shan’t bore you with the details.

I have found my soulmate. Despite being thousands of miles apart, I never feel far from him, never disconnected from him. Our conversations are of a whole new level. That’s not an exaggeration, they include hand gestures, animal reference and…. must I say more? (:

What more can a girl want?





( Typical I smile, he DGAF :P )


Image( We take a moment to stare and smell our food obviously )




( At the entrance at Dining In The Dark – the sorta thing we do on a Friday night, wave our cutleries aimlessly in the dark to locate our food  )


We make this really amazing pair and I miss him terribly.

In the mean time, if you know someone kind, funny, hardworking, determined, tolerant ( being my friend can require a bit of patience ), and slightly strange, please tell them to get in touch and keep me company throughout this miserable three years. I can be quite a good friend ( some might beg to differ )… but seriously, I can be really nice! ( some might testify to that too ).

And one day, when Nicholas and I are reunited, you can join us on our mission of world domination!

On a side note.. Nicholas, I miss you very much. I will probably miss you everyday when you aren’t by my side. You’re always in my heart and hopefully one day, in my future.


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