If I Could Celebrate Your Birthday With You….

When it comes to you, going to a fancy restaurant for your birthday just doesn’t cut it anymore. You’re way too special for that and you deserve so much more. Personally, I think it’s more fun to do something at home.

I know what some of you might be thinking…. it isn’t like that ;)

If I could celebrate your special day with you, I’ll be taking you ‘Glamping’ :D

tumblr_l90611eEfJ1qdj1wjo1_500_largeI’ve become enamoured with this idea of ‘Glamping’. Sleeping under the stars in a beautiful canvas tent, with all the comfort of home.

Basically, it’s just camping…. for brats. Like me.

And you (:

It’s perfect.

And I’ve planned the perfect day for us. We can do this anywhere around the world, but really I just fancy the idea of staying in the UK. We’ll check into our ‘tent’ some time during midday when the sun is still shining bright. We’ll sink into our pristine beds and sip afternoon tea.

Glamping in Britian - Via RoughGuidesWe’ll spend hours chatting, reminiscing your 20 amazing years and the amazing journey that lies ahead of you. And just because you are so special and worth celebrating, we lose track of time talking and night has already fallen. Damn it, we missed the sun set :(

glamp1Without wasting any time, we’ll get changed for dinner. Hope you don’t mind.. I invited the rest of your family as well. You’ll be shocked but happy cause who are we kidding… we know in your books, birthdays are for family.

luxurytents5Everyone’s just so happy. Dinner will be nothing short of scrumptious. What can I say, I have fine taste when it comes to food. You would have selected the champagne, of course. And your mother will bring out the most delicious looking cake. Oh, trust me, it tastes even better than it looks. And don’t even get me started about the rich chocolate frosting. *drools*

Groaning from too much cake and a little too much champagne, everyone’ll head back home except us. We’ll stay on. Snuggling down to a campfire, next to a lake where you can swim and catch supper.


Our little heaven. I think it is safe to say you had an ‘okay’ birthday celebration. ‘Okay’ being a major understatement ;)

From this point of my blog post, it is going to be a cheesy message. And I’m warning you now, you don’t need to read this.

Seriously, look away now.

Unless you’re for whom this blog post was intended. ( ahah if you read this far, you haven’t looked away!)

So go on. Go back to Facebook. Or Twitter… or Pinterest…



Okay cheeky…. don’t say you weren’t warned.

Anyway darling.. I wish we could be together to celebrate your special day… but as lame as it sounds, I want you to know I’ll be celebrating it with you in my heart… …a heart that’s filled with so much love for you now and always.

And I’m so sorry I was insensitive earlier about you and your birthday plans. You have every right for your day to turn out whichever way you like. It is your celebration anyway! You can be high and dance naked on top of a building & no one should stop you ( although I can’t guarantee that no one will press legal charges ). I really hope everything will turn out just the way you hope it will be  and spend the most awesome birthday celebration by far… Obviously no matter how amazing it is…  it WILL get trumped one day when I execute birthday plan stated above.

Come on, doesn’t it seem epic :)


And for the rest of you.. who continued reading, considering our future fun,  you might want to recreate something like this in Malaysia.

But due to our amazingly humid weather and mozzies lurking around, we know ‘glamping’ outside isn’t very feasible. If you wish to treat your special someone for a birthday he/ she’ll never forget.


Build a fort, watch old Tom Hanks& Meg Ryan movies if it’s a her (or if it’s his birthday, watch his favourite action movie), eat pizza inside it, snuggle…… doesn’t the idea sound lovely already?

Birthday celebrations don’t always have to revolve around fancy. Won’t you agree with me, Jude?


Happy Birthday in advance sweetheart!

And Happy birthday to all you March babies (:


One thought on “If I Could Celebrate Your Birthday With You….

  1. Terence says:

    Love it

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