My Pre-Birthday Celebration.

In most parts of the world, it is now officially the 31st of March. Not in America, it isn’t :) Since I woke up in London and travelled west to USA, I have officially spent the longest pre-birthday celebration ever. No harm delaying my aging process and spending an extra day being 19, now is there? ;)

This year, I’ll be spending my birthday weekend in San Francisco. I’m feeling quite sad actually being away from my loved ones and close friends on my birthday. Hence, San Francisco, just to give you a heads up… I’m really counting on you, you quaint city.. to make up for their absence  :


This collage pretty much sums up my short pre-birthday celebration in London before heading to USA.

My favourite Londoners squeezed a lil birthday cake time for me during their annual Easter dinner at Grand Imperial London :’) Grand Imperial is situated all over in Malaysia and newly opened their first restaurant in Victoria. They serve really decadent Chinese cuisine and definitely worth a visit.

Also.. I bought a new  Lumix GF5 as a wee birthday treat to myself. I don’t know much about cameras but it’s ridiculously light and takes pretty sick pictures. In a good way. Can’t ask for more. Seriously. Anyway, the purchase of this new camera should mark the end of poor, grainy quality photos on my blog. Let’s hope it turns out that way.

Back to my pre-birthday..  After dinner in London, I hopped on a plane to Minneapolis where I’ll be spending a night here en route to San Francisco.

So we all know, Minneapolis ain’t exactly the most exciting city in America but I managed making something fun out of it. Thanks to Mickey!


Oh Mickey, you so fineee ;)

Mickey’s Dining Car is a downtown classic, the kind of place where the friendly waitresses call you ‘honey’ and satisfied regulars line the bar with their coffee cups and newspapers. Mickey’s has everything a typical American diner should have: greasy food, thick milkshakes and jukebox tunes. Featured in many movies, the latest of which was “A Prairie Home Companion”, Mickey’s Dining Car is said to be a must-be-seen-at for all celebrities visiting Saint Paul. Which totally explains why I made my way there after I dropped my luggage in my hotel room :P


The food has timeless appeal too :


Mickey’s golden brown buttermilk pancakes. They might look like regular pancakes, but the whole special batter made in-house from scratch recipe worked. I got exactly what I had come for: an authentic American greasy spoon meal.

All washed down with a strawberry milkshake, of course. Hand dipped and blended on a spindle.



It was a lovely evening in Minneapolis :) Can’t wait to see what SF has in store.


Mickey’s Dining Car Ltd.
P.O. Box 16060
St Paul, MN 55116

Open 24 hours a day / 365 days.

My extremely long pre-birthday celebration is almost coming to an end.

20 years old.. I’ll see you in a bit (:


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