Actually its today… a year ago. This exact moment. Yes, 8.30pm Malaysia time.


Today’s blog post is a very brief blog post. To share how I spent the day with Nicholas, celebrating one of our anniversarys today, last year (:

It started out like any other Friday evening.


Okay I lied. It wasn’t like this every other Friday evening. I don’t usually get all this dressed. Took a whole hour just to get ready.

I lied again. It took two hours to get ready (:

Moving on…..

That night, we stayed at Traders Hotel KL. I don’t like picking favourites with hotels because generally, I love all types of hotels. But I must say, Traders has officially become ‘our hotel’. We’ve stayed at this hotel enough times for the hotel staff and waiters to recognise us :D And it’s only a matter of time before I blog about this hotel one day. You’ll love it too I’m sure. But till that time comes, I’ll just continue with random shots from the night.


After dropping off our bags, our stomachs were calling. So, we headed to our next stop.



Zipangu Japanese restaurant is my all-time favourite Japanese restaurant. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve spent plenty of childhood memories there or I’m deluded by the fancy ambience, but the food there never fails to make me happy. So, I’ve stopped wondering why I love this place so much.



006We win at life :D



Before our food could even start digesting, we’re off to our next destination.


It’s the best milkshake shop in Malaysia I promise! It was situated along Jalan Sultan Ismail but it’s now moved to Sg Wang Plaza in Bukit Bintang.. And according to my sources, it’s now open! Can’t wait to be back in Malaysia to spoil my diet with this. Totally worth the calories (:

In the mean time, if you do wanna check it out. You’ll find them here and their Facebook page here. Go try their milkshakes and thank me later!





After that, we took a nice walk back to our hotel. Freshened up……



Did I say freshen up? I meant taking more pictures of ourselves :P I’m sorry… we can’t help getting enough of ourselves :)


The view from our room (:

And we’re off again to the final stop of the night. Didn’t go far. Only twenty floors higher :)


Sky Bar! Perched on the 33rd level of Traders Hotel, overlooking the KLCC park and Petronas Twin Towers, it offers cool drinks, fun night entertainment all coupled with intoxicating views.



Good food, good view, good company, good drink. What else can one ask for? (:

And that wraps up today’s edition of.. Today, A Year Ago.

Spellbinding Sabrina


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