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I’m shifted house!

If any of you were missing my updates, just wanted to let you know that I have moved to

Come say hi!



Actually its today… a year ago. This exact moment. Yes, 8.30pm Malaysia time.


Today’s blog post is a very brief blog post. To share how I spent the day with Nicholas, celebrating one of our anniversarys today, last year (:

It started out like any other Friday evening.


Okay I lied. It wasn’t like this every other Friday evening. I don’t usually get all this dressed. Took a whole hour just to get ready.

I lied again. It took two hours to get ready (:

Moving on…..

That night, we stayed at Traders Hotel KL. I don’t like picking favourites with hotels because generally, I love all types of hotels. But I must say, Traders has officially become ‘our hotel’. We’ve stayed at this hotel enough times for the hotel staff and waiters to recognise us :D And it’s only a matter of time before I blog about this hotel one day. You’ll love it too I’m sure. But till that time comes, I’ll just continue with random shots from the night.


After dropping off our bags, our stomachs were calling. So, we headed to our next stop.



Zipangu Japanese restaurant is my all-time favourite Japanese restaurant. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve spent plenty of childhood memories there or I’m deluded by the fancy ambience, but the food there never fails to make me happy. So, I’ve stopped wondering why I love this place so much.



006We win at life :D



Before our food could even start digesting, we’re off to our next destination.


It’s the best milkshake shop in Malaysia I promise! It was situated along Jalan Sultan Ismail but it’s now moved to Sg Wang Plaza in Bukit Bintang.. And according to my sources, it’s now open! Can’t wait to be back in Malaysia to spoil my diet with this. Totally worth the calories (:

In the mean time, if you do wanna check it out. You’ll find them here and their Facebook page here. Go try their milkshakes and thank me later!





After that, we took a nice walk back to our hotel. Freshened up……



Did I say freshen up? I meant taking more pictures of ourselves :P I’m sorry… we can’t help getting enough of ourselves :)


The view from our room (:

And we’re off again to the final stop of the night. Didn’t go far. Only twenty floors higher :)


Sky Bar! Perched on the 33rd level of Traders Hotel, overlooking the KLCC park and Petronas Twin Towers, it offers cool drinks, fun night entertainment all coupled with intoxicating views.



Good food, good view, good company, good drink. What else can one ask for? (:

And that wraps up today’s edition of.. Today, A Year Ago.

Spellbinding Sabrina

The Princess Diaries and the Amazing Clam Chowder Story!

Some people have the opinion that we make too much out of birthdays: that a birthday is no big deal, it’s just another day of the year, or it becomes an excuse to feel depressed for being another year older, and that birthdays are triggers for all sorts of comparisons.

Maybe much of this is true.

Yet, I am now the birthday romantic optimist. I love celebrating birthdays. I love my birthday.

I love celebrating ME!

I didn’t always though.

In fact, I’ve usually been rather discrete about my birthday. I still am but in the past, I found it very hard to be able to give when it came to giving to myself. I was so much better at giving to others. I’d make a big deal about their birthday, take pains to search for the right present for the person I love and if its a close friend, I’ll write a genuine birthday message, appreciating their presence in life (my life) and reminding them of how they’ve made a difference in someone else’s life ( I mean.. my life ). You must think I’m a very selfish person XD Yet, I hesitate to do the same about my own.


The situation has changed now. ( I can be quite the fickle person at times :P ) Now I say, If it’s your birthday, celebrate it! 

Your birthday is the unique day you decided to join this world, and participate in this very interactive human experience with others. ( Well you didn’t exactly have the choice whether or not to join this world ) But whatever it is… Celebrate it! Celebrate you.

Don’t spend the day working late. Or studying all day. Don’t sleep in and mope, even if you’re celebrating it on your own. Do something that makes you feel good. ( But if sleeping makes you feel good, then by all means, sleep! I take my words back ) Eat a nice meal off of a pretty plate. Light some candles. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful ( guys and girls likewise). Honor the very fact that you are here, because that very fact is something to celebrate!


It was wonderful for me to receive so many birthday wishes and messages from others. Something as tiny as a FB “Happy Birthday” really touched my heart. Thanks everyone! :’)

So, this year it was all about making my happiness important. Simple pleasures in life include buying luxury handbags :P

ImageNew Kate Spade handbags for me and Natasha. From complete strangers to handbag twins (:

ImageAnd…… a functional Michael Kors handbag, together with my new Lumix GF5 (:

 Apart from that, although I didn’t organise a mighty birthday celebration or go partying at a fancy club….. I spent my birthday in San Francisco – one very beautiful city. Quaint, eclectic, diverse, active, cultured, friendly accompanied with a gorgeous skyline.

It was a unique insight experience organised by the King’s College London Business Club and included appointments with really high profile industry giants throughout San Francisco ( we’re talking Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Dropbox ) and other successful start-ups. So.. it wasn’t your typical holiday to San Francisco but I must admit, it was an excellent visit altogether. It was fun, enjoyable, sociable, yet educational, inspiring and absolutely eye-opening.

I’ll gush more about my trip in a separate post and wrap up this post with :

  • Some obligatory San Francisco shots


Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.

(I’m very proud of this picture because it gives me comfort in the fact that, if all fails with me and law, there’s still hope for me to turn towards photography )


Painted Ladies overlooking Alamo Square


Nicholas and Sabrina, leaving their mark on the official Facebook ‘wall’ in the Facebook HQ.

And… bear with me, I’m almost done :

  • My amazing clam chowder story! ( as referred to in my title )

So, I’m sure you’re all sceptical.. as to what possibly could be so amazing about this clam chowder tale… well, you’ll see :P

So before I proceed with my story, for the benefit of those who are not familiar with clam chowder ( Where have you been all your lifeeeeeee?? ) ahem.. allow me to educate you :)

Clam chowder is a thick and hearty, creamy-like soup thats filled with all kinds of goodies like potatoes, onions, bacon and obviously, clams. It’s very rich-tasting and sure to warm tummies of all sorts ( round tummies, flat tummies, toned tummies… you get the gist )

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do… and when in Fisherman’s Wharf, SF, California….. order clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl!! It’s almost a rule. And being the good girl I am, I’m not that kinda girl who loves breaking rules. So, I went ahead and got myself a bowl of clam chowder.

So, our amazing clam chowder adventure begins on a sunny day at Fisherman’s Wharf :


It was a beautiful day, how can one possibly not be mesmerized by the surreality of the beautiful bay and waters? After enduring London weather for many months, it’s difficult not to get soaked up in the whole atmosphere.

From this point onwards… it’s a very complex relationship of how one thing led to another but…. to cut it short, this indirectly sets you in the mood for seafood. :D

There were so many eateries – from small stores to big chain restaurants that offer mouth-watering dishes. It was seafood galore! But after walking around the perimeter, the choice on where to get my clam chowder was simple :)


 Nick’s Lighthouse :)

When I picked this shop, I’d like to think  Nicholas intentionally set up that stall to expect my presence… And when I order my clam chowder broth, he will surprise me from the back of the counter with a big hug, kiss and of course……… a big sourdough bowl of clam chowder :D

Well, it didn’t happen. It was some strange American dude with a moustache. His name wasn’t even Nick to begin with… But it’s okay.. I consoled myself to the fact that Nick was hiding in there somewhere, he was feeling shy that day. You see, his shirt was stained after making that delicious bowl of clam chowder. He wanted to change his T-shirt first so he didn’t smell of seafood. I understand dear, that is so thoughtful of you.

( Lol I tend to get delusional and quite creative sometimes.. don’t be afraid. I’m normal… at most times )

From this point onwards, we’ll let Clam Chowder aka CC tell the story. I think it’s more interesting this way.


So, this me.. CC, your ordinary clam chowder.. like all the others. My, isn’t this girl fascinated at me. She can’t stop taking pictures of me. Well, I know I’m good looking and sexy and all but seriously.. geez.. control yourself.


Yes, that’s me again. All yummy looking. Making people drool is what I do best. People from all over the world come here to watch me.

Oh, I feel us moving..

We’re walking quite a distance actually. I’m not sure where we’re heading…

But I see many strange creatures along the way.

Interesting…. Very interesting indeed.


Can someone explain to me what this is? I’ve always been trapped behind the stall, I’ve never seen anything quite like this.. She’s remarkable. She stands on two legs with perfect balance, gazing into the sky.

She’s beautiful.

Wow.. could this what humans call…. love?

“Hey, I’m CC,” I called out.

She turned towards me….. and


Someone startled her. She flew away :(

But whyyy, I don’t even know her name. She would’ve liked me very much. Come on, look at me. Who possibly wouldn’t like me…


My heart’s broken. I feel like it’s ripped into half. Like the sourdough bread. “Jo, I feel you now”.

I find no reason to live…


Perhaps I should jump instead? I could end this misery….


But I heard the water is cold.. and it’ll make my flesh all soggy and unattractive. I’ll be food to the fish. Blergh.

* decisions decisions *

176Oh well…. I guess there is more to life than this…

I might as well make this little girl happy and feed her. She’s obviously crazy about me. Can you believe it, she hasn’t stopped taking pictures since she picked me up at Nick’s Lighthouse. Even in the midst of my intimate thoughts. Can’t someone get some privacy these days..


So we slowly backed away from the pier and found a spot on the tables. She took one last shot of me. I closed my eyes thinking of the beautiful creature perching on the bin and went to sleep.

I’m pretty sure I made that little girl happy. She demolished me in a matter of minutes. Dunked all sorts in me.


Best fries ever. One of the best things dunked in me.

She loved me so much, I heard I was getting a whole blog post for just being me. Well, it’s a lovely day :)

So, that ends my tale of me and the amazing clam chowder. I apologise if I have wasted 5 mins of your precious time. If you spent longer than 5 mins, you read too slowly. And, I suggest taking up reading classes – it will benefit you in the long run. Lol you’re welcome for the reading evaluation :D

Anyway, back to being serious..

Now that I’ve turned 20, I realise it’s about quarter of my lifetime if God gives me 80. I pause and immerse in the moment of how blessed and loved I am, and how the remaining years will compare. I am ever so grateful to everyone who has made an impact in my life and I thank everyone.. really. I might not appear to be the most appreciative of people but the gratitude is there, I promise.

I’ve ha an amazing 20 years so far. From this age onwards, it’s time to put all the skills I’ve learnt to good use. It’s time to execute!

As to why this post is named The Princess Diaries.. It wasn’t because I feel like a princess and this is my diary… I had a more legitimate reason.

561267_10200618942572444_1989335046_nDoesn’t this picture that I took in San Francisco remind you of that scene in the Princess Diaries, when Mia was sliding down the hill in her Mustang?

Well, it ought to ring a bell because it is that hill! :)

Take care guys!


A brand new 20 year me,

Spellbinding Sabrina.

My Pre-Birthday Celebration.

In most parts of the world, it is now officially the 31st of March. Not in America, it isn’t :) Since I woke up in London and travelled west to USA, I have officially spent the longest pre-birthday celebration ever. No harm delaying my aging process and spending an extra day being 19, now is there? ;)

This year, I’ll be spending my birthday weekend in San Francisco. I’m feeling quite sad actually being away from my loved ones and close friends on my birthday. Hence, San Francisco, just to give you a heads up… I’m really counting on you, you quaint city.. to make up for their absence  :


This collage pretty much sums up my short pre-birthday celebration in London before heading to USA.

My favourite Londoners squeezed a lil birthday cake time for me during their annual Easter dinner at Grand Imperial London :’) Grand Imperial is situated all over in Malaysia and newly opened their first restaurant in Victoria. They serve really decadent Chinese cuisine and definitely worth a visit.

Also.. I bought a new  Lumix GF5 as a wee birthday treat to myself. I don’t know much about cameras but it’s ridiculously light and takes pretty sick pictures. In a good way. Can’t ask for more. Seriously. Anyway, the purchase of this new camera should mark the end of poor, grainy quality photos on my blog. Let’s hope it turns out that way.

Back to my pre-birthday..  After dinner in London, I hopped on a plane to Minneapolis where I’ll be spending a night here en route to San Francisco.

So we all know, Minneapolis ain’t exactly the most exciting city in America but I managed making something fun out of it. Thanks to Mickey!


Oh Mickey, you so fineee ;)

Mickey’s Dining Car is a downtown classic, the kind of place where the friendly waitresses call you ‘honey’ and satisfied regulars line the bar with their coffee cups and newspapers. Mickey’s has everything a typical American diner should have: greasy food, thick milkshakes and jukebox tunes. Featured in many movies, the latest of which was “A Prairie Home Companion”, Mickey’s Dining Car is said to be a must-be-seen-at for all celebrities visiting Saint Paul. Which totally explains why I made my way there after I dropped my luggage in my hotel room :P


The food has timeless appeal too :


Mickey’s golden brown buttermilk pancakes. They might look like regular pancakes, but the whole special batter made in-house from scratch recipe worked. I got exactly what I had come for: an authentic American greasy spoon meal.

All washed down with a strawberry milkshake, of course. Hand dipped and blended on a spindle.



It was a lovely evening in Minneapolis :) Can’t wait to see what SF has in store.


Mickey’s Dining Car Ltd.
P.O. Box 16060
St Paul, MN 55116

Open 24 hours a day / 365 days.

My extremely long pre-birthday celebration is almost coming to an end.

20 years old.. I’ll see you in a bit (:

If I Could Celebrate Your Birthday With You….

When it comes to you, going to a fancy restaurant for your birthday just doesn’t cut it anymore. You’re way too special for that and you deserve so much more. Personally, I think it’s more fun to do something at home.

I know what some of you might be thinking…. it isn’t like that ;)

If I could celebrate your special day with you, I’ll be taking you ‘Glamping’ :D

tumblr_l90611eEfJ1qdj1wjo1_500_largeI’ve become enamoured with this idea of ‘Glamping’. Sleeping under the stars in a beautiful canvas tent, with all the comfort of home.

Basically, it’s just camping…. for brats. Like me.

And you (:

It’s perfect.

And I’ve planned the perfect day for us. We can do this anywhere around the world, but really I just fancy the idea of staying in the UK. We’ll check into our ‘tent’ some time during midday when the sun is still shining bright. We’ll sink into our pristine beds and sip afternoon tea.

Glamping in Britian - Via RoughGuidesWe’ll spend hours chatting, reminiscing your 20 amazing years and the amazing journey that lies ahead of you. And just because you are so special and worth celebrating, we lose track of time talking and night has already fallen. Damn it, we missed the sun set :(

glamp1Without wasting any time, we’ll get changed for dinner. Hope you don’t mind.. I invited the rest of your family as well. You’ll be shocked but happy cause who are we kidding… we know in your books, birthdays are for family.

luxurytents5Everyone’s just so happy. Dinner will be nothing short of scrumptious. What can I say, I have fine taste when it comes to food. You would have selected the champagne, of course. And your mother will bring out the most delicious looking cake. Oh, trust me, it tastes even better than it looks. And don’t even get me started about the rich chocolate frosting. *drools*

Groaning from too much cake and a little too much champagne, everyone’ll head back home except us. We’ll stay on. Snuggling down to a campfire, next to a lake where you can swim and catch supper.


Our little heaven. I think it is safe to say you had an ‘okay’ birthday celebration. ‘Okay’ being a major understatement ;)

From this point of my blog post, it is going to be a cheesy message. And I’m warning you now, you don’t need to read this.

Seriously, look away now.

Unless you’re for whom this blog post was intended. ( ahah if you read this far, you haven’t looked away!)

So go on. Go back to Facebook. Or Twitter… or Pinterest…



Okay cheeky…. don’t say you weren’t warned.

Anyway darling.. I wish we could be together to celebrate your special day… but as lame as it sounds, I want you to know I’ll be celebrating it with you in my heart… …a heart that’s filled with so much love for you now and always.

And I’m so sorry I was insensitive earlier about you and your birthday plans. You have every right for your day to turn out whichever way you like. It is your celebration anyway! You can be high and dance naked on top of a building & no one should stop you ( although I can’t guarantee that no one will press legal charges ). I really hope everything will turn out just the way you hope it will be  and spend the most awesome birthday celebration by far… Obviously no matter how amazing it is…  it WILL get trumped one day when I execute birthday plan stated above.

Come on, doesn’t it seem epic :)


And for the rest of you.. who continued reading, considering our future fun,  you might want to recreate something like this in Malaysia.

But due to our amazingly humid weather and mozzies lurking around, we know ‘glamping’ outside isn’t very feasible. If you wish to treat your special someone for a birthday he/ she’ll never forget.


Build a fort, watch old Tom Hanks& Meg Ryan movies if it’s a her (or if it’s his birthday, watch his favourite action movie), eat pizza inside it, snuggle…… doesn’t the idea sound lovely already?

Birthday celebrations don’t always have to revolve around fancy. Won’t you agree with me, Jude?


Happy Birthday in advance sweetheart!

And Happy birthday to all you March babies (:

Just A Shout Out..

About 6 months ago, my best friend ( perhaps more than a best friend :P ), my male counterpart.. left me. Technically I left him, to study in London but for the sake of our little story today. He left me.

Now before you think this story sounds like a random, sad and trivial sob story, bear this in mind, he left ME behind.

How am I possibly going to survive in London for the next three years without my strange other half.

ImageNicholas and I met on the second day of an Asian Universities Debate Championship.

Fate has made it such that our teams had to debate against each other.

After what felt like an hour of feisty bickering over female oppression and the hijab, it was only natural for me to feel slightly annoyed over his arrogant comebacks and close-minded opinions although my team did win ;) In his defence, I was a tad bit attracted after that over his eloquence and well-spoken command of the English language ( yes, I’m instantly drawn to people who speak good English :P )

Being the rare few participants from high school in a massive sea of university students, we instantly clicked after the residue of annoyance I held against him subsided of course. We talked for hours over topics so trivial I can’t even remember ( Definitely my favourite type of conversations, the ones that doesn’t require any brain processing )

Soon the championship came to an end. The obligatory e-mail address exchange was suggested, and we dutifully stalked each others Facebook ( well I did, not sure about him), asking questions and extending our friendship further.

He comes up with many strange theories ( things I remember about him back then, Confucianismism ) and many other spectacular foot-in-mouth comments he would continue to amuse me with throughout this friendship.


This was the first shot ever taken of us. Please forgive this grainy old picture, it was taken four years ago mind you. You could say we were still kids :P

Needless to say, even after four years, I can’t think of any activity we can’t accomplish together apart from the few obvious ones.

The usual.. studying, shopping, partying, watching movies, cooking, working out, travelling.

The slightly less usual…  eating insects at the street, pretending to be husband & wife to nab additional hotel perks…..

The list of our strange behaviour is endless so I shan’t bore you with the details.

I have found my soulmate. Despite being thousands of miles apart, I never feel far from him, never disconnected from him. Our conversations are of a whole new level. That’s not an exaggeration, they include hand gestures, animal reference and…. must I say more? (:

What more can a girl want?





( Typical I smile, he DGAF :P )


Image( We take a moment to stare and smell our food obviously )




( At the entrance at Dining In The Dark – the sorta thing we do on a Friday night, wave our cutleries aimlessly in the dark to locate our food  )


We make this really amazing pair and I miss him terribly.

In the mean time, if you know someone kind, funny, hardworking, determined, tolerant ( being my friend can require a bit of patience ), and slightly strange, please tell them to get in touch and keep me company throughout this miserable three years. I can be quite a good friend ( some might beg to differ )… but seriously, I can be really nice! ( some might testify to that too ).

And one day, when Nicholas and I are reunited, you can join us on our mission of world domination!

On a side note.. Nicholas, I miss you very much. I will probably miss you everyday when you aren’t by my side. You’re always in my heart and hopefully one day, in my future.

Christmas Party Style

The party season is well and truly upon us.

Next week will be a swirl of parties, cocktails, champagne, roast turkey and minced pies.

If you’re anything like me this means sitting cross legged on your bedroom floor surrounded by discarded dresses that either make you look too fat/short/butch/podgy/slutty, looking at your phone wondering if you can get out of going to the party.
Sound familiar?
Well, so hopefully this will help :) It’s my little guide to Christmas party style, with a style to make you feel a million dollars, whatever your budget.

Sabrina (31)

This is my ultimate solution. A pure silver sequinned dress!! This dress is a dream. It creates an optical illusion & nip in the waist, whether you’re a size 6 or 16. This dress is demure, feminine, flattering & still utterly sexy.

And the red shoes make my heart go giddy up. Bargainous red soles will help make legs look endless and bright red lipstick will tie it all together with a vampy pop of colour.

I got my silver dress from FCUK, but you can almost find them everywhere! Sequinned dresses are now at almost all high street shops or even at the local market, whatever your budget XD

I really don’t know what more I can say about this look… festive perfection.

I feel like a Christmas trinket already :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Spellbinding Sabrina

10 Random Facts About Me.

  1. I intensely reject bad grammar. Regardless how attractive or good looking a person may be, if you speak atrocious English, you’ll never be seen in good light.
  2. I didn’t start swearing out loud until early October 2012, all thanks to my roommate in London. I love my roommate, Nicole btw. Now I’m starting to swear at everything. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. I’m really not proud of this and I will stop.
  3. I drive a bright pink Suzuki Alto back in Malaysia. It’s the most adorable mouse you see travelling on the road.
  4. I’m terrified at most social situations. I’m not antisocial, just shy! You can come talk to me…… Some people might find it hard to believe.
  5. I wanted to be an actress when I enrolled into college. But thanks to fact no. 4, I was dissuaded of this quite fast and am currently reading Law at King’s College London instead.
  6. I’ve learnt more types of dance than any regular person but I’m not particularly good at any. There was hip hop, street jazz, whacking, jazz ballet, salsa, pole dance, Zumba, belly dance, capoeira, modern dance…. And now I just do Bikram Yoga.
  7. When I sleep, I’m as good as a person sleeping in a coma. Not any five alarm clocks working together can wake me up. And I can sleep anywhere, even at the most bizarre locations. On the floor, on the table, in the toilet..
  8. I assume the worst of people, too fast on occasion. I have the biggest sense of gauging malice in people. I judge people and I’m not easy to please. But I’m a nice person, really.
  9. I have trouble thinking that I’m good at anything. I have a theory that the moment I assume I’m even marginally competent at something is the day I stop progressing and actually become bad at it.
  10. The reason I started this blog was because it’s been something on my mind for a while. And I just wanted to get it started although I don’t have anything in particular to post just yet. I will have things to say in due time.

Spellbinding Sabrina.